Long Lake Outdoor Center
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In 1938 the Federal Government began work in Yankee Springs. Through the efforts of the Civilian Conservation Corps, the Corps of Engineers and the Work Project Administration, reforestation began with the planting of fast growing pines to anchor the soil and hardwoods to restore the forests. Work also began on the development of a park with a public beach on Murphy's Point (called Roosevelt beach) and 2 outdoor centers; Mud Lake Camp (currently known as Chief Noonday Outdoor Center) and Long Lake Camp (Long Lake Outdoor Center).

The Long Lake Camp was completed in 1939 and contained:
1. A large Dining Hall with kitchen facilities
2. Four camp circles with eight sleeping cabins in each circle
a. Two "counselor's" cabins
b. Six sleeping cabins
3. Cabins in the central area around the Dining Hall/Kitchen
a. Staff quarters (Mansion House)
b. Cooks quarters (Stage house)
c. Camp Office (Roadhouse)
d. Infirmary
4. Central Latrines in each sleeping area
5. Pump house for water supply
6. Maintenance and Repair Shop

The first group to rent and stay at the Long Lake Camp was a group called Camp Michawana. This group used the area for many years until the 1970s when they acquired their own property and established a camp that still operates today near Cloverdale. MI.

Long Lake Outdoor Center History
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In 1943, with so much of our nations efforts dedicated to World War II, the federal government decided to turn many park areas, such as Yankee Springs, over to be operated by the individual states. At that time, many new parks entered the Michigan State Park system, including Yankee Springs. New areas were acquired through many different means to develop the 5,200-acre park we now enjoy.

The Long Lake Outdoor Center has been operated continuously since it was first built. During the early 1980's a renovation of the camp was done. Two of the four cabin circles were eliminated and the remaining buildings renovated to accommodate up to 120 campers. Only one cabin is not original to the facility; cabin #13 burned to the ground in the early 1970s and was replaced with a "new" cabin brought in from a similar facility in Colorado. The new Central Latrine was built in the early 1990s. Long Lake Outdoor Center was placed on the list as a Historical Area in the 1990s and still retains its historic charm.

Many people visit the park every year and reminisce about their time as a child camping in the Long Lake Outdoor Center.
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